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Advance Reading Skills

Advance Reading Skills

Manage Information Overload
Business professionals are faced with enormous amounts of material to be read: reports, proposals, trade publications, etc.

It is clear that there is more to read today than there was five years ago — and there will be even greater informational demands in the future.
But, the reading techniques learned in school are no longer sufficient to meet these demands. It has become important to develop a range of skills to get the critical information needed.

Course Objective
The aim is to provide participants with new techniques for dealing with the wide scope of information management needs. As a result, they will be more productive in the use of their time.

Benefits of Advanced Reading Management

  • Extract relevant information quickly and effectively
  • Retain vital information longer
  • Read more varied material and remain better informed
  • Manage reading time more profitably


What You Will Learn
The course covers all the key elements of effective information management :

  • Overcoming common reading faults
  • Factors affecting concentration and comprehension
  • Rate variation skills for different types of material
  • The Neuro-Note System™ for better notetaking and recall
  • Reading Portfolio analysis
  • Techniques for maximizing return on reading time


Available Products

  • Live workshop
  • Unit License  
  • ARS  Workbook


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