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Japanese Abacus for Children

Japanese Abacus  for Children

Seemas Institute has the Advanced & Entire concept of Japanese Abacus Education and its Brain Development techniques in India as it is in Japan. Seemas Institute only has the unique syllabus for the all age groups from 4 yrs old onwards. We have specially designed Kids Course for childrens from 4-8 yrs. Only SEEMAS Academy teaches advanced Abacus techniques like finding Squares & Square Root, Cube & Cube root, Finding L.C.M & G.C.D, Finding Percentage and conversion of Hexadecimal numbers to Binary Numbers. Which are yet not introduced by any other Institute?

Seemas has highly structured syllabus, even Master Level finished students from other institute can join to continue further. For example we introduce Multiplication & Division in our 2nd level itself where as others start Multiplication after 3rd level & Division after 4th Level. During the period of Abacus education, all the SEEMAS students are taught and given training in Brain Gym to uplift the activities of brain, nerves and body, the abilities of Listening and Thinking are activated and improved. Seemas programs have been designed as per Indian school calculating method, thus ensuring that no confusion is created for students, where as other companies follows opposite Abacus training techniques which students find difficult to adapt, and soon lose interest in Abacus.


Price : For the Entire Kit- Kids 1,2 & 3 + Level1 -10, 57 Books – US $88 + Postage.

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