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Midbrain Activation for Adults

Midbrain Activation for Adults

What is  Mid-Brain Activation for Adults?
We associate mid-brain activation with engaging the subconscious in a full state of awareness and in conscious control.  Both the conscious and the subconscious   states of the mind are by nature interconnected and interactive although the conscious mind may not be aware of it. These two states of the mind are  represented by the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and  the synergy between these two  states forms the  Holistic State of Mind. Establishments of the holistic state of mind in full awareness and in conscious control unleashes  unlimited capacity and capability far beyond ordinary  standards. This condition allows human beings to make amazing improvements in their personal and professional performances. This view is also shared by the eminent Japanese educator, Dr Makoto Shichida who writes :

  • If a person develops his interbrain, he will acquire a memory that will allow him to never forget whatever he has seen or heard once.
  • However, once you learn how to access the interbrain you can become a super   human.”
  • The belief we have a “higher self” that we can access  goes far, far back into history. Mystery schools once flourished throughout the ancient civilizations of Greece, Egypt, India, China and South America. These secret teaching centers guided students through a metaphysical education that included a series of “wisdom trials” and initiations designed to open them to higher states of awareness and consciousness.
  • “The All-Seeing Eye – symbolic of the pineal gland or third eye – has been found amid the ruins of almost every civilization upon the globe.” These ancient schools were actually universities of the higher self. The shared goal of these ancient mystery schools was the conscious realization that we are each directly connected to the one universal source of life. Interestingly, this same concept of our connection to a universal source of consciousness in now supported by the findings of modern Field Theory and Quantum Physics.
  • Modern science is now confirming what mystics and shaman have claimed for thousands and thousands of years – we have a “higher” aspect of our being, and it is directly connected to a dynamic source of conscious energy that is far more expansive than our individual selves. Did you realize that your body actually does have three physical eyes? The mysterious “third eye” has long been pondered by mystics, who believe the “inner vision” of our third eye is our natural connection to a source of higher energy and consciousness.

What is Mid-Brain Activation Workshop for the Adults?

It is a Three -Day Workshop to facilitate the training for you to Acquire the ability to engage with and To interact with the subconscious, To control and direct the dynamics of the synergy, To understand and be familiar with the raw material involved, To practice, simulate and apply it in daily activities The activation of the mid-brain strengthens and brings to awareness the establishment of the holistic state of mind is represented by a series and fusion of various breakthrough techniques such as the Brain-wave and Bio-electromagnetic oriented techniques. It includes practices and simulations to activate and to train the human physical and mental sensory skills to instigate the activations of the extraordinary subconscious modality

As human beings age through space and through time, the dominant roles of the state of the mind shifts from the subconscious to the conscious - adults are much more of conscious mind dependent compared to children. This condition causes access to and assessment of the realms of the subconscious more difficult for the adults.

Some of the exercises to train in this workshop :

  • Activation of Bio-electromagnetic Energy
  • Sighting one’s own and other people’s Body Energies
  • Sensing one’s own and other people’s Body Energies (human vibrations)
  • Detect and identify different objects and people through the different feels of vibrations
  • Mental Telepathy and Mental Virtualization
  • Alpha Concentration, Progressive Meditation and Application
  • A touch of Theta Concentration
  • A touch of Telekinetic Experience
  • Biangular and Triangular breathing methods for short meditation

Composition of workshop material :

  • Material presentation and lecture 20%
  • Training and practicing 40%
  • Simulation and exercise 20%
  • Discussions 10%
  • Coaching 10%

How can a Two-Day Workshop be sufficient ?
We  adopt one of  our  exclusive techniques that make up the essential difference – empowerment of bio-electromagnetic energy through sessions of Eastern Energy Transfer and alpha progressive meditation. Empowerment of inner strengths and inner capacity offer increased productivity, effectiveness and output from the workshop in an extraordinary way compared to if only through enrichment of knowledge and capability alone.

Our Training Program includes :

  • Learning to  walk with eyes closed (Blind Fold) through obstacles, learning to guess the number of objects, colors etc.
  • Training  the brain to make it easier to concentrate and focus easily.
  • Improve memory power to counter act the effects of old age .
  • Teaching Super Brain Gym  and other powerful techniques that are useful to overcome the various problems in the brain such as: difficulty focus / concentration, emotional instability, it is easy to forget and so forth. Very useful also teach your child to a case such as autism, hyperactivity, Down syndrome etc. Only consists of one core movement, easily applied anywhere.
  • Teaching special breathing techniques to improve cognitive brain intuition and intelligence.

What are the immediate benefits?

  • Extraordinary increased in virtual capacity of the brain to prevent vulnerability towards stress.
  • Strong, spacious, stable, healthy, swift, positive and most importantly, able to establish the holistic state of mind.
  • Ability to consciously access and assess meta-physical modality stored in the realms of the subconscious.
  • Significant improvements in intuition, instincts, sensing ability and degree of clairvoyance.
  • Significantly improve the quality performance and results in anything you do.
  • Ability to assess and induce suggestive motions to other people.
  • Opens more doors to the unlimited inner-skills and inner-self empowerment.
  • More fluent to connect to the divine intelligence.

Who should attend this workshop?

  • Those who wish to maximize mind competency by optimizing subconscious modality.
  • Those who wish to make significant improvement in personal, professional and social performances.
  • Those who need to balance or to restore the weakening and deteriorating competency of the conscious  modality.
  • Those who make high risk decisions where intuition plays dominant roles.
  • Those who predominantly rely their decision making and successes upon the quality of mind oriented  communication.

Material Workshop Midbrain Activation for Adult :

  • Latest information  about your brain and  midbrain from the new fields of neuroscience.
  • Brain waves and brain entrainment.
  • What is an  activated midbrain?
  • Alpha progressive meditation
  • Bio-electromanetic energy activation
  • Synnchronization of energy
  • Blind Color Detection
  • Mental Telephaty
  • See Aura yourself and others
  • Human energy detection      

An “Opening” Experience - How can you know if your third eye is open, or is in the process of opening?

  • You may know your third eye is at least partially open if you tend to make accurate intuitive decisions and evaluations about your life, work, creativity, relationships and the intentions and emotions of other people.
  • You may often know things without being able to describe how you know them.
  • You probably also have a very clear sense of personal direction, and a clear picture of where your life is headed.
  • You can know your third eye is still “under development” if you often feel a bit indecisive, lack commitment to your decisions, or may not have a clear sense of purpose for your life, although you wish otherwise.
  • When you experience a third eye opening you may experience a vibration or pressure in your body, or hear a popping sound in the back of your head. Both of these sensations are perfectly normal.
  • Some people have an experience of entering into a tunnel radiating a beautiful purple or white light at the end.
  • Once you have connected with your third eye you may also feel a sense of floating in a sea of energy. Your mind will be flooded with light, insights, and inspiration. This may happen gradually over time, or quite suddenly.

Packages Available :

  • Live Workshop
  • License
  • Workbook

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